parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is important that you, as a modern Fire Controlman, understand the basic  concepts  of  the  sensors  used  on  your  ship  and other ships in the Navy. These sensors play a key part in   accomplishing   the   ship’s   mission.   As   sensor technology   improves,   the   Fire   Controlman   of   the future will be expected to have a broader spectrum of knowledge and experience in order to keep our Navy on the cutting edge of naval warfare. 1-22 Designator Type Ship Class Range Weapon/Function Related FC System OTHER CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) Combined (search and track), pulse-doppler ALL 5 NM Search 1 NM track Anti-ship missile and air defense None HF Surface Wave FM CW LSD 6-12 NM Anti-ship missiles Sea Skimmer missile Detection/Air (This radar is still in development) Mk 23 TAS (Target Acquistion System) Air search, CW, tracker/illuminator DD (Spruance), CV/CVN, LCC, LHD, LHA, LPD 17 20 NM SEASPARROW missiles Part of Mk 91 FCS/Mk 95 Radar SPY 1 Series Multi-function, phased array D for DDG (Arleigh Burke), D for CG (Ticonderoga) >100 NM SM-2 missiles; search, track, and missile guidance, Mk 45 LWG AEGIS, Mk 34 GWS, Mk 86 GFCS, Mk 99 FCS SSDS Mk 1 (Ship Self-Defense System) Integrated use of multiple ship sensors FFG, LHD, LSD, LPD 17, AOE 6 Range as per each sensor CIWS/RAM, SLQ 32, SPS 49, SEASPARROW missiles Mk 2 replaces NATO SEASPARROW with ESSM (Evolved SEASPARROW missile) OPTRONICS SYSYEMS Optical Sighting System (OSS) or Remote Optical Sighting System (ROS) Sensor/View finder Arleigh Burke (DDG), Ticonderoga (CG) 20 km surface, 10 km air Mk 45 LWG MK 34 GWS, MK 86 GFCS FLIR (Forward Looking Infra- red) Sensor All ships upgraded to Block 1B Surface/Air Mk 15 Mods 11-14 CIWS Block 1 B TISS (Thermal Imaging Sensor System) Sensor Arleigh Burke (DDG), Ticonderoga (CG), AOE-6, CV/CVN, LPD-17, LSD-41, LHD/LKA, DDG 993, DD 963 55 kyd/air, 45 kyd surface Mk 31 RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile), CIWS, SSDS AEGIS, Mk 86 GFCS Table 1-2.—Radar Systems in the U.S. Navy—Continued


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