Quantcast Display consoles in the Combat Information Center (CIC).

belonging   to   a   Nation   Q   attack   aircraft   capable   of carrying anti-ship cruise missiles. The contact continues inbound, headed toward the Battle Group. Within minutes, it is within range of your ship’s  three-dimensional  search  and  track  radar.  The contact’s  bearing,  range,  and  altitude  are  plotted  to give   an   accurate   course   and   speed.   The   range resolution of the pulse-compressed radar allows you to determine that the target is probably just one aircraft. You continue to  track  the contact as you ponder your next move. As  the  aircraft  approaches  the  outer  edge  of  its air-launched cruise missile’s (ALCM) range, the ESM operator   reports   that   aircraft’s   radar   sweep   has changed from a search pattern to a single target track mode.  This  indicates  imminent  launch  of  a  missile. According   to   the   Rules   of   Engagement   (ROE)   in effect, you have determined hostile intent on the part of the target and should defend the ship against imminent attack. You inform your CIC team of your intentions, and select a weapon, in this case a surface to air missile (fig. 2-21), to engage the target. You also inform the Anti-Air  Warfare  Commander  of  the  indications  of hostile intent, and he places you and the other ships in Air Warning Red, “attack in progress”. As the target closes to the maximum range of your weapon  system,  the  fire  control  or  tactical  computer program,  using  target  course  and  speed  computes  a predicted   intercept   point   (PIP)   inside   the   missile engagement envelope. This information and the report that  the  weapon  system  has  locked-on  the  target  is reported to you. You authorize “batteries release” and 2-16 Figure 2-20. —Display consoles in the Combat Information Center (CIC). Figure 2-21. —Surface-to-Air missile.


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