Quantcast The JTIDS Terminal

The JTIDS Terminal The   JTIDS   terminal   used  in  Link-16  is  the AN/URC-107(V)7. This is an advanced radio system that  provides  secure,  jam-resistant,  digital  data  and voice communication among a large number of users. This radio system combines the functions performed by the Link-11 crypto device, data terminal set, and radio  into  one  cabinet.  Many  other  capabilities  are also   incorporated   in   the   radio. These  added capabilities include the following: Precise participant location and identification Relative   navigation Synchronization Secure   voice Relay Figure  5-7.—The  AN/URC-107(V)7  JTIDS  data  terminal. Built-in   test five  drawer  electronics  cabinet,  as  shown  in  figure Shipboard  Terminal 5-7. The components of the JTIDS terminal include the  Digital  Data  Processor  Group  (DDPG),  the The AN/URC-107(V)7 JTIDS terminal is a single Receiver/Transmitter   Group   (R/T),   the   High- Figure  5-8.—The  JTIDS  terminal  functional  block  diagram. 5-9


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