Quantcast Diagram of a superheater

Figure 4-7.—Diagram of a superheater. one type of boiler to another and from one boiler manufacturer  to  another.  Figure  4-6  shows  the arrangement of the steam drum internal fittings in  a  single-furnace  boiler. .   The   feedwater   pipe   receives   feedwater from  the  economizer  and  distributes  it  throughout the  length  of  the  steam  drum. .  The  chemical  feed  pipe  is  used  to  inject chemicals into the boiler to maintain the proper pH  and  phosphate  balance  in  the  boiler  water. l  The  surface  blow  pipe  is  used  to  remove suspended solid matter that floats on top of the water and to lower the steam drum water level, when necessary. The surface blow pipe is also used to blow water out to lower the chemical level in the  boiler  when  it  becomes  too  high. . The dry pipe is used to direct the steam to the steam drum outlet nozzle after it leaves the scrubbers. . The vortex eliminators are used to reduce the swirling motion of the water as it enters the downcomers. l  The  baffle  plates  are  used  to  direct  the steam to the steam separators. l   The   cyclone   steam   separators   remove moisture from the steam. This is accomplished by the  steam  spinning  or  changing  direction.  The water drains back into the steam drum while the steam  continues  upward  through  a  screen  and scrubber  that  removes  still  more  moisture. After the steam leaves the scrubbers, it goes to the dry pipe (fig. 4-6). From there it leaves the steam   drum   through   the   steam   drum   outlet. Figure 4-7, view A, shows the steam going to the inlet   header   of   the   superheater   and   passing through  the  U-shaped  tubes  of  the  superheater  to the next header (fig. 4-7, view B). This header is called the first pass or intermediate header. Steam may  pass  through  the  U-shaped  tubes  several times  before  passing  to  the  outlet  header.  Each time the steam goes from one header to the next header it is called a pass. The number of passes the  steam  makes  in  a  superheater  varies  with different boilers and the degree of superheat that is  required  for  a  particular  ship. 4-9


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